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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Personalized Wall Decor


This would make a great gift for anyone for any occasion. Hang on your wall, in your laundry room, or your front door. Could be done in any fabric and coordinating color on the letter.

Custom order for Elise and her cousin in New Zealand

Thank you so much. One of these butterflies are headed for New Zealand. The other will be worn by her cousin here in Fayetteville. These really turned out terrific.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bandana Razorback Outfit

*This can be made for $20 if you provide the shirt and 3/4 yard of fabric of your choice. Elastic waist and french seams throughout(that means no fraying threads) and there are deep pockets for the little ones to collect all of those whatevers they carry all over creation. My son wears these all the time and everyone loves them.

Knot Dress/Top

These are the same dresses as you will find on Heather Hill and Matilda Jane websites. I use a fabric stabilizer in the top portion of the dress to keep its shape and to keep from wrinkling. A zipper is added to the back to keep it easy and so you wont mess up there hair when you put those big ol' bows in. This particular dress is actually like a top as seen with the capri's, but can be made in any length. The straps are long to adjust for a long time wear. The top is also made to be roomy enough to add a shirt underneath for an added option to change up the look. So cute and this is available for all seasons due to the versatility.

*If you would like to purchase your own fabric I can do this for $22.50.

Butterfly Tank Dress


This tank dress can be made for $22.50 if you provide the tank top and your fabric of choice. Just email me your child's size.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Strawberry's (Special order for Claire Presley)

This outfit was for Tina Bahn's youngest daughter, Claire Presley, 2. This was custom designed for the Strawberry Festival. Her big sister's outfit you can find below.I can't wait to get their pictures posted to show you how positively cute they were last saturday. Thanks Tina.

Sweet Strawberry's (Special order for Taylor Nichole)

This outfit was custom designed for Tina Bahn's dear sweet 4 yr. old, Taylor Nichole. She and her sister were all dressed up for a Strawberry Festival. I will have pictures of the girl's in their outfits soon.